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Steel Sheds and Garage Range

We can supply a large range of sizes, colours and styles in these Steel sheds.

You can see some of the examples we have below, but we make a wider range of sizes as follows:


Steel SHED Size     Steel GARAGE Size

      9'6" x   6'6"                  16'    x 16'

      9'6" x   9'6"                  19'2" x 16'

    12'9" x   9'6"                  22'6" x 16'

    12'9" x 12'6"                  25'9" x 16'

    16'    x   9'6"                  29'     x 16'

    16'    x 12'6"

    19'2" x   9'6" 


All our steel garden sheds and garages are made from PVC coated cladding, and are maintenance free. This PVC is a thick plastic coating on the steel, which protects the steel from the weather and the elements, it also makes the sheds more pleasing to the eye, and blend with their surroundings.

Our steel sheds come in a variety of colours to blend in with the style of your surroundings. The colours we can supply are green, brown, cream and grey. We can also supply a selection of other colours.

Inishowen Garden Sheds are located in Moville, Co. Donegal and deliver all over the North West of Ireland and parts of Northern Ireland. Our clients are mostly domestic but we also deal with the commercial sector. Reduced prices will be available for larger orders.

These steel sheds can be used for many different proposes from domestic garden sheds and garages to storage sheds. Innovative applications include smoking sheds for factories and workshops for the householder.

Our sheds are made to the highest standard of quality because we believe that every order can lead to another sale.

Steel Sheds and Garages Custom Made


Steel Shed Size       Steel GARAGE Size

    9'6" x   6'6"               16'    x 16'

    9'6" x   9'6"               19'2" x 16'

  12'9" x   9'6"               22'6" x 16'

  12'9" x 12'6"               25'9" x 16'

  16'    x   9'6"               29'    x 16'

  16'    x 12'6"

  19'2" x   9'6"

  • All doors fitted with security lock, lockable from both inside and outside.

  • Double Doors/ Extra Door €195 Total opening 6'10"

  • Aluminium Window €200 3' High x 4' wide, with Opening 

  • A level base is required for all sheds

7mtrs x 4mtrs Steel Shed

Inside 7 x 4m Steel Shed

NEW 5m x 5m Steel Shed Click here

3m x 4m mushroom colour

5m x 3m goosewing grey

  Inishowen Garden Sheds  Moville Co Donegal

     No. 1 Supplier in the North West     Call Mobile-00353866000950 Email
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